The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition is now on show at Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ. Details here and on our Facebook Page. The exhibition will open in Arrowtown in August.

The exhibition recently completed stagings at Photographers' Gallery HB, Napier, and at three Auckland secondary schools where it was viewed by approximately 3000 students in one month.

The Prime Minister of NZ, Rt Hon John Key, launched the Shadows of Shoah Exhibition at a United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day event in January 2013. The exhibition is currently undertaking a tour of art galleries, museums, campuses and secondary schools.

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Shadows of Shoah is directed by the board of the Shadows of Shoah Trust.

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Shadows of Shoah is a work in progress - an artistic and educational project, communicating the gravity and significance of the Holocaust in a unique way. Using photography and original music, selected episodes from survivors' experiences are presented in a brief, compelling format. To reach a new generation for whom the Holocaust holds little relevance or significance, we have attempted to produce powerful and evocative art while carefully maintaining historical accuracy. View examples of our work here, here, here, here, or here.

The systematic murder of millions of European Jews must not be reduced to a faceless statistic or historical anomaly.