A Selection of Comments from The Exhibition Visitors' Book

Powerful, thought provoking images set to the most beautiful music in a personalised account of an event that should never ever be allowed to happen again. Thank goodness for artists and the "power of the image." A.E.

Unique in every way, Shadows of Shoah is clearly designed to remind us, lest we ever forget, as if we could, of the atrocities committed by the Nazis in Europe between 1933 and 1945. Congratulations on an excellent exhibition with very impressive photography. O.H.

Very professionally done and moving emotionally. Well done! Amazing message presented in a very professional and impactful way. Good work!! M.S.

Deeply moving, superbly done, conveying what must never be forgotten. Please take this to our high schools if you can. D.P.

Deep, meaningful, beautiful. Thank you. C.B.

You succeed to put it in such a sensitive way. It touch us, tell us and keep the light on. Thank you. O.S.

Beautiful exhibition of a dark time in our history. It means a lot with my family history. Thanks very much. J.C.

Very emotional and visually interesting - inspiring and such a great way to tell the stories of real survivors. M.P.

Very moving. Loved every story. Technically awesome. K.H.

Incredible presentation - very novel approach. Well done. K.S.

Very eye-opening. Something that all people should know more about and hear the stories of these people and the depth of the evil possible in humans to stop it. A.K.

So moving - can't find the right words. M.N.

Still too real. N.F.

We must not become complacent. Q.A.

Very touching. Thanks to those who shared their stories - I can barely imagine what it must have been like to walk in their shoes. C.R.

This will haunt me for sometime to come. It has made the Jewish experience and suffering during the Holocaust more real and immediate to me. Heart breaking. C.R.

Beautifully told, very moving. T.T.

A poignant experience and heartening stories shared by unbelievably brave people. Beautifully told and shared with all. Thank you for bringing their lives to the world. D.R.

Congratulations on such an artistic presentation of humanity, good and abominable. Very affecting. Mode of presentation is riveting. K.H.

Very moving - should be compulsory viewing for all secondary school children. M.V.T.

This is a terribly important exhibition - we must never forget. P.J.

Should be seen by everyone. Thank you. C.J.

A wonderful body of work and so incredibly important. I"m pleased to be able to bring and share with my family. R.T.

This exhibition is one out of many, but it is more expressive than many big ones. The photography is superb and very impressive. H.B.

I have seen many video presentations but this exhibition is outstanding due to the choreography. The photos, captions and music make it extremely poignant. N.J.

Very powerful and comprehensive for children too. S. Family.

Beyond comprehension. A very respectful, powerful exhibition. C.T.

A very powerful exhibition and so important to keep people aware. G. Family.

Very moving accounts of their experiences. Beautiful and respectful exhibition. McF. Family.

Amazing. I'm glad you're making awareness everywhere in the world! From Mexico! Shalom. A.G.

It is good to see that the Holocaust is still remembered even in this historical little town. From Israel. R.E.

Very moving and touching. Very nice photograph shootings. N.Z

Moving and memorable. Thank you. C.H.

Very moving to read about the lives of those who survived and a lovely tribute to those who did not. S.I

Very touching presentation. It is wonderful to see an exhibit with such intriguing facts and stories. Wonderful to learn more about. Such courage in each story. R.G.

Stunning. R.H.

Very moving. Incredible stories of human spirit, faith, kindness hardship and evil!!! S.T.

A profound reminder of terrible crimes but immense courage. J.B.


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