I am sending this page to a small group of friends for comment. Please let me know your thoughts - and feelings - on the concept, title, images.

This new exhibition is intended to consist of sixteen images. Eight will be colour images shot at Auschwitz I and II, late September. Eight will be black and white portraits of survivors (4 or 5 of whom will be survivors of Auschwitz).

The images will be printed 1200mm x 750mm, facemounted on gloss acrylic.

An artist statement will appear at the entry to the exhibition but the images themselves will have no superscription immediately accompanying. This is to cause the viewer to more closely engage with each image. Having viewed the sixteen images, the visitor will enter an adjacent space where there will be a paragraph or two on each of the Auschwitz images. In the same space the three minute Shadows of Shoah stories for the eight survivors will play on a large 4k screen.

I justify the inclusion of several non-Auschwitz survivors as follows: Auschwitz has come to represent much more than the death camp itself. It functions in popular culture as a synecdoche (?), a symbol of Europe's determination to purge itself of Jews, and the machinery to accomplish that goal. And I want to tell some of that larger story, and perhaps present a ray of hope with a story of rescue.

Please view these images on a laptop, or larger screen. And if you have any comments, please email me.