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A Survivor Encounters David Irving

Last week we staged the first in a series of meetings entitled Saving The Shoah: The Holocaust in an Age of Denial and Distortion. Holocaust memory is under assault and it is distorted in a variety of ways, both by its friends and its foes.

Our event opened with a new Shadows of Shoah story, that of Alice Newman. Eleven years old when the Nazis invaded Poland, Alice and her mother were forced into the Warsaw Ghetto. Alice was able to escape and spent many months hiding, moving from place to place. Having assumed a false identity she was eventually sent to Germany as a slave labourer.

Years later, in New Zealand, Alice had an encounter with Holocaust denier David Irving. Please watch her story, below.

Dame Lesley Max was a young journalist at the time of Alice’s encounter with Irving and was witness to their exchange. Our next post will feature Lesley’s account.