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School Presentations

Shadows of Shoah Education Director, John Kooperberg trained at the world’s premier Holocaust educational institute, Yad V’Shem, Jerusalem. He has a personal connection to the Holocaust. John's grandfather died at Sobibor and 18 members of his family were murdered. 

Presentation to Schools
For classes that make a booking John gives a brief introduction to the exhibition and then follows the 21 minute viewing with a group discussion. Cognisant of the fact that the Holocaust occurred a long time ago, in a far-away land, involving people belonging to groups that most NZ students have little personal knowledge of, John has developed lessons that will be relevant to the students, linking to wider concepts of social justice, diversity, prejudice, personal choice and consequences.

John aims to make the experience positive and empowering with a focus on local issues of cultural diversity, minority groups, discrimination, tolerance, bullying  and the way that the outcomes are influenced by the attitudes and actions of individuals. He emphasises that students can and should try to make a positive difference, using the exhibition "testimonies" to show how each of the survivors recounts the importance of people choosing to help, even in the most difficult circumstances.

“We did find the experience hugely more powerful because you spoke transparently and convincingly of your own experience and rationale for doing what you do.  Somehow hearing a kiwi accent from real people brings the whole experience dramatically to life for NZ students.  It is no longer something far away both in time and location, but involves people right on our doorstep.”

“Our students of today really need to feel connected to what they see and hear.  They are a generation bombarded with images and sounds and stories. Much of it is violent, immoral and senseless.  This story captures their attention if they can connect with what it means for them personally.  You did this for them yesterday – and some were quite moved emotionally, as well as being offered a connection with the past that they could translate into action for today.  That is quite profound and significant.  Please continue to do and develop what you are doing with this younger generation.  They sorely need that connection.” C.G., Teacher, Christian Renewal School

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